Ethos & Values


The Market fully endorses the code of conduct of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Further, the editors and readers of The Market are firmly against any and all discrimination: of gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, and ability.

The editors and readers of The Market undertake to:

  • Be responsible for thoroughly checking all of the material that is published in their journal so as to safeguard against any plagiarism (e.g., through the use of sophisticated software)
  • Avoid bias at all costs
  • Shortlist articles based only whether they serve the purpose of contributing novel understanding and knowledge
  • Accept/reject articles on reasonable bases and give reasons as to why if asked
  • Support any initiative that is directed towards raising further awareness of business ethcics
  • Positive reinforcement may take place whenever someone exhibits an exemplary behavior, with her/his behavior being worthy of emulation; equally, misconduct will not only be discouraged but even result in the termination of the collaboration should the author repeatedly refuse (following sufficient time to do so while providing any necessary advice/further guidance) or fail to comply with the rules and regulations of the journal 

As regards the review process:
  • Procedure of review will be clear and evident
  • Authors can appeal against editorial decisions by e-mailing us (
  • In regards to editors’ relations with their reviewers, and in alignment with section 4.1 in COPE declaration, editors must provide guidance to reviewers on everything that is expected of them (including, the need to handle submitted material in confidence) 
  • Review process will be checked by the editors to ensure fair, unbiased, and timely procedures
  • Editors will align with GDPR regulations
  • Editorial decisions will not be influenced in any way by the origins of the manuscript (whether nationality, ethnicity, political beliefs, race or religious orientation of the authors); nor be affected by the policies of government or other agencies outside of the journal per se
  • Transparency will be of outmost importance; e.g., CONSORT will be followed
  • Blind review shall take place to reduce prejudice/bias; in addition, this will ensure confidentiality
  • International standards for authors will be encouraged to be followed (see, for example, here)
  • External reviewers with conflicting/competing interests with an author will not be permitted to review the article of that person
  • During the reviewing process, there will be at least one person who is ranked either (at least) Associate Professor or above that rank.  
  • COPE flowcharts will be advised during the reviewing procedure (with links being provided).
  • Editors will encourage reviewers to point out any observed unethical practice or manipulation of data to serve one’s own research findings. They will also encourage them to give priority to original papers
  • Cases of alleged misconduct shall be further investigated; especially, alerting on matters dealing with breaches of intellectual property laws and conventions
  • A complaint mechanism system will be present; for unresolved matters, individuals may refer to COPE.

  • Any commercials/adverts are to be separately dealt with the Advertising/Marketing department.
  • Previously published articles will not be permitted; also, once the sent Abstract will be accepted and the authors in question have successfully been notified, they will only be allowed to submit their article in this Journal and not anywhere else.